Using Social Media Outlets for Local Advertising

Using Social Media

Having an engaging, consistent social media presence is a great tool for fostering local growth and connecting directly with customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram not only offer a platform for information sharing, but encourage storytelling from both the business and its customers.

We help you using social media for local advertising so you can start planning a strategy for social media. On which platforms should you dedicate your time and energy? And what about advertising there? Here are a few steps, that we outlining your social media plan.

  • Figure Out Where Your Audience Is

Are you targeting teens, women ages 30 – 45, or sports fans? It’s safe to say that Facebook and Instagram are a good place to start cover your audience target. But you need to search deeper into who you want to target.

We analyze the demographics of some top social media platforms to help you pinpoint where your audience is spending their time. We check out where men and women are hanging out:


This step will help you better understand your audience and their habits. Once you’ve established, linked up, and customized your accounts, it’s on to planning a social strategy.

Example: Say you own a haircut store and have all kinds of new project ideas to share. Your customers are 75 percent female. Pinterest would be a good avenue to share your resources due to its female demographic and image-based posting format.

  • Plan a Posting Strategy

Consistency is key on social media. Active accounts are a testament to your commitment to these audiences. Plan on posting regularly across your accounts each week. We also check in often to field comments from followers.

A good rule of thumb is to respond to comments and questions within a 48 hour window, but we use our judgment when it comes to fielding negative postings. Marketup has some tips for handling less-than-positive Facebook posts. Remember: these platforms are like a cocktail party; it’s a public setting, so act accordingly.

  • Create Strong and Engaging Content

Quality content has variety—both in the type of media and the subject matter. The goal of social media is to be social, so this is not a platform for pushing sales and one-sided communication. Instead, we focus on engaging users with questions, behind-the-scenes looks into your business and content that shows you value your audience’s opinion.

  • Get Creative

Social media offers an opportunity to be creative with your audience and reward those who participate in interaction. This means you can go beyond posting regular updates and asking questions.You can run contests.

Creative efforts are the ones that get the desired “virality” we’re all after on social media. The more people are talking about your brand online, the more exposure.
Contests are a way to attract new page likes/followers while spreading some promotional product from your brand.

  • Use social media for local advertisement

Take a seat at any restaurant or cafe and you’ll see 30 – 40 percent of the guests at the tables looking at their phones. More than ever, our attention is shifting to mobile devices.

For many of us, our phones are the first thing we look at in the morning, and the last thing we see before bed. So as a local business owner, why not tap into this behavior?

Ads on social media such as instagram and Facebook are an interesting avenue for marketing:

1. Budgets are customizable – you can spend as little or as much as you want.
2. You can target a specific audience. Not many other mediums can offer such direct connections with the target audience – and a clickable link to direct the viewer where you want them to go, as well.

Facebook advertising

Facebook ads are always changing to make them more effective for the types of results you’d like to achieve. Below, you’ll see all the different goals we can center your ad around when you get started.

After we’ve selected the page you want to advertise we’ll fill out the details about how we want your ad to look, who we want to target, how long we want the campaign to run, and how much we want to spend.

Facebook Advertising

How Much Should I Spend? We are here to help you with a low budget to have a good target relevant audience and expand where we see you have success.

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