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Business identity

The so-called Boutsakis Fotis Company, hereinafter referred to as Marketup Greece, provides integrated IT and Internet services. It has been operating since 01/05/2018 and provides web designing, development and development of information technologies for marketing and advertising applications and services.

If the user disagrees with any or all of the terms of use of the website, services or online store, he must refrain from using it, otherwise he declares that he has unconditionally accepted all of his terms and conditions of operation. The company Markeutp Greece operates under the responsibility of Boutsakis Fotis Company with the distinctive title “Marketup”,  Tax ID: 118907647 located on Therisou  Street, Heraklion, PC 71305. Contact phone +30 2811 11 8271.

Terms of service

To ensure the quality of its services and the protection of its customers, Marketup Greece Company concludes Service Contracts for any work assigned to it. The Service Agreement lists the Company’s services to the Customer, the obligations of the Contracting Parties, guarantees and applicable law.
Obligations of Party Members

The Company is obliged to perform the project and / or provide the services specified in the contract and to complete the construction of the agreed Project within the time required and agreed with the client. The Company expressly declares that it will make every reasonable effort to ensure to the Customer, as far as possible, the provision of the agreed services.

The Customer is obliged to pay to the Company the charges (prices, fees, expenses) in the manner and at the time stated in the contract. The parties may agree that part of the material or all of the required material will be provided by the Company or by third parties under the responsibility of the Company.

Implementation of the Project

It is agreed between the Parties that the implementation of the project will take place in two (2) stages: (a) the Company within a reasonable time, which shall be agreed between the Parties, shall deliver a draft of the project for review and approval to the Client. If the Customer objects to this Draft, the Company will make the necessary changes in order for the Customer to provide its approval. b) After the approval of the draft of the project by the Client, the Company will proceed to the final implementation and delivery of the project to the Client.

The approval of the Draft by the Client is a prerequisite for the Company to proceed with the final execution and delivery of the project.

The Company is required to execute and deliver the Project as described in the draft.

If the Client, after approving the draft plan, raises objections to the content of the draft, he is entitled to request specific changes from the Company. In such a case, however, it is subject to additional charges (prices, fees, expenses) beyond what has already been agreed.

Technical assistance

The Company is invited to provide technical support and answers to your questions regarding the Project, only by phone at +302811117281 or by email on business days and hours, from 09:00 to 17:00. The Company is not obliged to provide technical support on non-working days and public holidays. In the case of a special contract, the current terms and conditions of technical support are waived and formulated thereunder.

For emergency situations, technical support is provided at +306955932870, however, due to impediment or force majeure, communication or immediate resolution of the problem may not be possible. Emergency situations are characterized as events where the business or economic activity of the Project is affected or interrupted. The Company is required to resolve all matters within a reasonable time, and to resume the business or financial activity of the Project. The Company has the right to regard an event as a non-emergency and to provide technical support in the order of priority.

The Company reserves the right to delay providing technical support in cases of impediment, workload or force majeure.

The Company reserves the right to request additional financial remuneration from the Customer if the provision of technical support relates to (a) situations or events beyond what has already been agreed, (b) misuse and non-compliance with operating rules, (c) liability or damage by third parties.


The Parties agree that the Company does not acquire any intellectual property rights over the material provided by the Client, and the Client does not acquire any intellectual property rights over the material provided by the Company or a third party supplier of the Company.

In addition, the Parties agree that the Client acquires, after the delivery of the agreed work to him and the payment of all of the charges referred to in the contract to the Company, the property right over the Content of the work.

If the Client fails to pay all charges to the Company up to 15 business days after the Company has delivered the Project to the Client, the Company reserves the right to temporarily discontinue operating the Website until the Client has paid all charges. to the company.

The Customer acknowledges that the Company has the right to indicate on the Customer’s website that it was created by the Company, using distinctive icons or distinctive text referring to the Company’s web pages with a hyperlink, and that the Company reserves the right mention the creation of the Project, with illustrations and the web site address, in the samples of her work.

Duty of Confidentiality

The Parties agree that they will not disclose to third parties, except for purposes related to the contract, any information which by its nature or after the agreement is considered confidential, indicative of documents, reports, software, organizational information, plans, images, animated images, videos, photos, audio signals, graphics, Client e-mail etc.


The Contracting Parties are fully entitled to sign the Contract and to perform the terms and conditions thereunder, without their right being restricted or prohibited by prior contracts or agreements with third parties.

The Company is entitled to sign agreements and enter into contracts for the construction of a project and / or provide services with the same or similar content to the contract, and in particular with the same or similar technical characteristics as the contract, but guarantees that it will not proceed to conclusion of contracts with third parties that are contrary to the contract.

The Client guarantees that it has not entered into any contracts with third parties that are contrary to the content of the contract, nor will it enter into such agreements with third parties.

The Client guarantees that the material provided to the Company does not contain false news, certificates, announcements and that its content generally is true.

The Company guarantees that it will do its best to deliver the Project in full and in full, within the period specified in the Proposal or Contract issued. The Company bears no responsibility for (a) incidents of delay that are not due to its own fault or the fault of such persons, (b) accidental or force majeure incidents, (c) health incidents.

The Client warrants that he will do his best to approve the draft, respond to any questions and deliver any material requested for the Project within the time frame specified in the Proposal or Contract issued. In the event of delay, delay, failure to respond to the draft or the Client’s desire not to continue the Project, the Company reserves the right to demand full payment of the amount of the Proposal or Contract and the agreed upon.

The Contracting Parties guarantee that the content of the contract does not and will not in the future infringe any rights of third parties, but not expressly mentioned in the trademark and / or patent, copyrights, related rights, trade secrets etc.
In particular, the Customer warrants that it owns or secures all necessary licenses for the use of the material it grants to the Company, and that in respect of such material it does not infringe any third party rights.
The Company itself guarantees the material that it may provide for the performance of the contract.

The Contracting Parties guarantee that the material they provide for the purposes of the Contract does not infringe on good morals and / or public order.

Should any of the Contracting Parties breach any of the foregoing guarantees and / or cause any of the aforementioned breaches by any of the Contracting Parties, that Party shall be liable to release its Counterparty from any liability for damages, expenses. , costs and other costs arising from third party claims. This obligation implies that the above Contractor shall duly notify the other Contracting Party of any claim related to the foregoing and shall pay due diligence and assistance for the purpose of defending or reaching a settlement.

Responsibility – Force Majeure

The Company bears no responsibility for incidents that are not due to its own fault or the fault of such persons, for any accidental or force majeure events, including but not limited to the malfunctioning or defective operation of PPC or any other Company or organization, telecommunications network of OTE or another Fixed or Mobile Telephony Company, or third parties whose operation is directly linked to or affects the uninterrupted provision of the agreed services.

Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

Greek law shall apply to the settlement of any dispute arising out of the application of the contract. The courts of the city of Heraklion are solely responsible for any dispute arising out of the contract.