Turn your website into an App

What you need to consider is how many more customers would get you a quick web application instead of a responsive website. For many of you, the page where your work looks should be built as a PWA (web application).
An application of your website would be a wise investment for your business.

Most consumers are familiar with designing a website that responds to mobile devices today, even if they do not know it by name. Statistics show that more people visit mobile sites today, and Google rewards the first mobile websites.

We are entering a new decade, there is no better time than now to look at your site and understand what needs to be done to convert your users into potential customers. An application for your website is the best way to get started.


experience and

innovative ideas

  • Applications are a reference point on the Internet for those who navigate mobile phones. So we emphasize the details that make them unique, with a high level of aesthetics and user experience.
  • With the mobile app you can give your users a fast and simple navigation experience on your website.
    MarketUP Greece's PWA applications are distinguished for their functionality and security.
  • We turn your website into a complete application, functional and easy to use. We use templates, code optimization, data compression and security controls.
Progressivve Web App

The PWA technique combines cutting-edge technologies with a specific graphical approach and information architecture. PWA allows a website to customize how the content is displayed to the needs of the visitor and the device he is using even offline.

At marketUP we build applications so that the visitor has the same great user experience that our websites offer, regardless of the device they use.



We define your competition and target audience. Discover what is working in your online industry, then design your PWA accordingly.


Color scheme, layout, sitemap, and style. We will bring your brand to life with a one of a kind masterpiece, built just for you.


We turn your ideas into a reality. Your website is placed on a "development server" where you get to watch the whole process, live.


This is where you go live, to the world. Design, marketing, and maintenance; we'll be at your side for the life of your site.


All marketUP websites are hosted on privately-owned servers, focusing on security, speed and flexibility.


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Unique design


Dynamic Management

Optimization for search engines

Multilingual environment

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How much does a PWA

MarketUP Greece's applications combine modern design, functionality and usability at the lowest cost of the market. They are accompanied by a wide range of features, direct technical support, consulting etc.

The cost of an application varies and cannot be calculated unless its operation and capabilities are specified. For example, different requirements have a corporate presentation application from an application that provides online services to its members or visitors.

The cost of an application depends solely on you and the investment you are willing to make. We advise you on the ideal solution and alternatives available to you.

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